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Seth Joel Photography creates honest accessible portraits and "behind the scenes"candids that reflect your company values, culture and the individuality of your people. Our clients consist of Investment Firms, Medical and Technology Companies, Entertainment Groups, Real Estate Developers, Architectural Firms, Banks, Law Firms, Magazines, Publishers and Design Groups.

Seth works as a local in San Fransisco and New York.

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Seth Joel Photography

Welcome to Seth Joel Photography. We feel that properly representing your business through photography is important. More often than not, your photograph is the first interaction that potential customers and employees have with your business. For this reason, it’s absolutely necessary that your company’s photographs accurately capture the true spirit of your business. Here at Seth Joel Photography, we offer commercial photography services that capture the accurate look and feel you want for your photography. Whether you’re looking for a corporate photoshoot, portrait photos, headshots, or event and meeting photography, we can provide you with professional-quality photos that will make your business stand out.

If you’d like to bring us in to do a corporate photoshoot, feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you properly represent you and your business.

What we do

Seth Joel Photography accepts assignments for advertising, corporate and editorial projects.  Seth Joel, an award winning photographer and his producer, Charlie Holland, work with you to create unique visuals for marketing, branding, social media and custom content for your in-house library. Their work promotes brand values for successful companies in all fields.

Seth works as a local in San Francisco and New York